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When would I renovate my home and when would I buy new?

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12:35 PM

Your home is the place where you get away from it all. It is your sanctuary from the outside world. When you have had a hard day at work or want to spend some quality time with your spouse and children, your home becomes the ideal location. It has the furniture you want, is furnished to fit your sense of style, and provides a great place to sit back and relax.

However, there may become a point where your home simply does not work for you anymore. Maybe it is that you need more space, that couple of rooms are not big enough, or that you are growing older and do not want to be walking upstairs any longer. You are reaching a point where it may be time to consider whether you should renovate your home or find a new one altogether.


Before You Get Too Crazy…

Before you decide to tear out a wall or call a real estate agent, there are some things you can do right now that can help to improve your home, making it so that you may not need to make any changes that all. You can do wondrous things by removing a great deal of the clutter that is found around your home.

Each person tends to build piles and cabinets of stuff. It is memorabilia, old magazines and newspapers, close that don’t fit you anymore, or books you have no room for any longer. These kinds of things can take up enough space that it makes it feel like you simply do not have enough room any longer. By removing clutter, you not only improve the look of your home, but you make it feel a lot more comfortable.


And, If That Does Not Work?

If that does not resolve the problem, then it is time to look at some other directions. One option may be to renovate some rooms within your home.

One of the primary reasons why people become dissatisfied with their home is because of two rooms – the kitchen and the bathrooms. Bathrooms can become dingy, worn down looking, and maybe even inefficient. Your kitchen may not have enough space for dishes and glasses over time. Maybe you have a lot of pans, appliances, or other items that are simply taking up too much counterspace.

Before deciding to move, the place to begin would be by asking yourself if you have the space to change a room or two so that the home would accommodate you better. Getting new kitchen cabinets, adding new fixtures or appliances, even changing the tile in your kitchen can make a dramatic difference. The same is true in your bathroom. By getting a new toilet, adding a different vanity, maybe including a spa tub, you could find yourself feeling a lot more comfortable in your home.


When It Is Time to Move

If you are finding the idea of renovating your home is not working for you, then there are two questions to ask yourself to see if moving is the right choice. The first is to ask yourself if your home is styled so that it fits your current lifestyle. For example, if you are a person reaching into your 60s, you may no longer want to walk upstairs to get to your bedroom at night. You may find that the yard is simply too big for you to maintain or that it is too cold where you live. It is okay to choose to move.

The second is to ask if it is more cost-effective to move than to renovate. If you are finding that both of these answers are yes, then it is time to start talking about moving.