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What were the top 5 trends in kitchen design for 2022

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09:53 AM

The year 2022 has been a great one. There have been a number of significant and a lot of great trends that have been found in such things as fashion, music, and arts. There have also been great trends in kitchen design as well.

This is not an industry where people think about trends very often. However, whether you are buying a new home or renovating one, being on the cutting edge of the latest trends can make your kitchen look that much better. This is why it is good to know about five trends of 2022, which may become ones for 2023.


The Colour of Your Cabinets

Colours are always an important trend when it comes to just about anything. This is true in fashion; it is also true in kitchen cabinetry. Choosing warm white colours plus earthy tones helps to make for a very warm feeling in the home. This became a major trend in the kitchen industry because of its welcoming feeling for those entering your home.


Black Accents and Black Appliances

Black is always a powerful colour because it goes with just about anything. However, in a kitchen it can be a real showstopper. This is especially true when you choose other kinds of colours or accessories to accent it. This is why brass and copper candles and fixtures can be spectacular when you have black appliances or black accents in the background or along the edging.

The key has been to not overdo it. Let the black highlight but not be the showcase.


Multiple Islands

This is an interesting innovation. For those who like to multipurpose or who have multiple people in the kitchen at the same time, having multiple Islands winds up being perfect. This allows you to have a separate eating area while doing some cutting or cooking on a separate island. It also allows you to use one area for making desserts or cutting vegetables, while working with meats or cooking on another.

Multitasking is a trend in 2022 as it is. People are having to do so much with so little time, meaning they are performing many tasks all at once. The multiple island kitchen allows you to feed into that trend.


Light It Up

With white being a trend in cabinetry, it makes perfect sense that large amounts of illumination would be a highlight as well. Not only does the white help to illuminate artificial light, but natural light is highlighted by it as well. This is perfect for those who have large windows or a sunroof that allows for natural light to enter the kitchen area.

The best part about this trend is that it does not require you to add all kinds of additional fixtures. Your goal is to let the white act as a reflection to further illuminate the room. The ultimate goal is to have a whole lot of light available, without having to add a large number of fixtures.


Go Tech

Of course, technology is likely going to be a trend for years to come. One of the biggest trends is to add as much technology to the appliances, fixtures, and other devices you have in your kitchen area. Whether it is turning on the dishwasher, reducing the light in the kitchen, or setting the timer for your stove while using your phone, technology is definitely the biggest trend of all.