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How to Make the Most Out of My Kitchen Space Without the Clutter

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11:49 AM

From everyday breakfasts to special holiday dinners, your kitchen is the centre of several household activities. However, this also means that your kitchen is where you will almost always find clutter.

The problem can worsen if you have a small kitchen space that can easily get cluttered and leave less space for cooking.

If your kitchen has less space and you are wondering how you can make the most of your kitchen space without all the clutter, this post is for you. Read on to learn easy ways to organise your small kitchen and make the most of your space without the clutter.


#1. Create Clear Surfaces

Kitchen counters are often the favourite spot for loading shopping bags and even kitchen tools, gadgets, and appliances. While placing kitchen tools, gadgets, and appliances on the kitchen counter may feel like the right thing to do, it can quickly lead to clutter and make meal preparation quite challenging. Moreover, clutter can also contribute to increased stress levels.

Therefore, it is important to have a clean kitchen surface by designating proper cabinet space for your kitchen appliances. With clear surfaces in your kitchen, you will have more room for stress-free cooking.


#2. Use Containers for Kitchen Essentials

While drawers and cabinets may offer substantial storage space, it is best to use containers for your kitchen essentials. Whether it is packaged items such as pasta or cereal boxes, you can conveniently store different types of items in a single space by choosing appropriately sized containers.


#3. Make the Most of Unused Walls

Unused walls can help you save a lot of space in a small kitchen and keep it clutter-free. If you have unused walls in your kitchen, make sure to hang your pots and pans that often take a lot of space in the cabinets or the kitchen counter and create a lot of mess as well.

So, why not make the most of the unused walls?


#4. Rethink Nooks and Corners

If your kitchen is compact and you want to make the most of every bit of the kitchen space, then you need to rethink how to use the nooks and corners of your kitchen. Whether you want a space to hang your kitchen towel or place an indoor plant in the kitchen, you can add more space to your small space by making the most of every nook and corner.


There are several ways you can organise your small kitchen space, but if things do not seem to work, it may be time to renovate your kitchen. Get in touch with Perpetual Designs and learn more about how to maximise your indoor space. We offer expert design advice and guidance so you can make the right choices about your new home improvement project. Find out more about Perpetual Designs here.