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Can I renovate a house that has asbestos?

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14:38 PM

As recently as a few decades ago, homes used to be built using asbestos as a material to insulate and treat walls in homes. This went on for decades, but it was soon discovered that this material was quite hazardous and is now no longer allowed to be used in new construction.

However, there are plenty of homes and other structures that still have asbestos in the ceiling, attic, basement, and walls of the home. For those looking to renovate an older property, they are likely to find that asbestos is used in many places within the structure, creating a serious health risk for those involved in the remodel. The question is if one can still renovate a house if it contains asbestos?


It Was Too Dangerous

After being used in homes and other buildings for generations, it was discovered that asbestos actually contained chemicals that put people at a serious risk for cancer. All one had to do was breathe in some of the fibres from the asbestos, which contains atoms of silicone and oxygen, and they greatly increase their risk of contracting cancer.

Asbestos had been used in North America since the late 1800s and was used quite extensively during World War II. It was found to be a great material to help strengthen cements and plastic as well as insulate buildings. It also absorbs sound and was fire resistant. It seemed like the perfect remedy for the building industry, but its cancer risk has changed the way the compound is seen, as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission officially declared this to be a dangerous product in the late 70s and other governments across the globe soon followed.


With the Proper Treatment

While asbestos is a very dangerous compound, that does not mean it cannot be safely removed from a building or similar structure so that renovation can occur. What must be done is that a specially trained team of professionals must come in in special suits to remove the asbestos from the home. They wear masks with filters to protect their breathing and suits that protect from fibres getting on their skin. This allows them to safely remove the asbestos, treat the home or building, allowing for renovation to occur.

You will find that asbestos will not deny you from hiring the right renovation company to renovate your kitchen, bedroom, or other room in your home. They will explain to you that they cannot perform the tasks until the house has been properly cleaned to remove all asbestos and its fibres. They may even have some great recommendations for you on who you can use to do the job.

What you will find is that a good renovation company has probably already faced this type of situation. They have done several older homes, and have worked with a licensed, professional team of asbestos removers who can perform the task, allowing the renovation to get underway. This is just a common sense step, as it allows you to have a safe place to renovate your home to get the look and design that you desire.